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Situated in 60 acres of privately owned wilderness, camp offers the chance to connect with nature and to delight the senses in unspoilt bush and forest. The camp is located in a perfect base to explore the complete wilderness of Meru National Park and its amazing wildlife. You can explore nearby Rhino Sanctuary, to meet one of the most rare and endangered animals on earth.


Rhino river camp has 7 luxury tented camp. The very design of Rhino River Camp, contemporary with a hint of Africa, is pleasant without being intrusive. Five of the tents are built out of sumptuous caramel canvas and sustainably grown wood, raised on platforms above the gently flowing Kindani River will turn your stay at Rhino River Camp into a quiet, exclusive experience.  The 02 other tents are located away from the river, facing a natural forest for those that prefer to be away from the sound of Kindani Rivers running water.

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