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Mount Kenya National Park is a is protected area in central Kenya established in 1949 to protect second highest mountain in Africa (5,199); mount Kenya, Conserve flora and fauna surrounding the mountain and water catchment area for people of Kenya. The park was declared as a World heritage site in 1997 by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The Park has an area of 715 square Kilometers.


Wildlife and Attractions in the Mount Kenya National Park

The major attractions in Mount Kenya National Park are the most magnificent peaks of Mount Kenya whereby climbers go and experience. Animals species in Mount Kenya National Park includes;  elephants, tree hyrax, white tailed mongoose, black fronted duikers, mole rats, bushbucks, waterbucks, elands, leopards, black rhinos, and buffaloes.



The Mount Kenya National Park is located 175 Kms from Nairobi; the park can be reached on Nanyuki-Isiolo road via Sirimon Track or Nyeri-Nanyuki road near Naro Moru. The park is also reachable via Chogoria on the Embu – Meru road, about 150km north of Nairobi. 

Mount Kenya National Park-