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Lake Bogoria National Reserve is part of Great Rift Valley Lakes which consists of Lake Bogoria and its surrounding land. The Lake Bogoria is managed by Kenya Wildlife Service since 1970s covering an area of 32 square kilometers. The reserve is in a semi-arid area. The only major river feeding the lake is the Waseges River, which rises on the northern slopes of the Aberdare Range.


Wildlife in the Lake Bogoria National Reserve

Lake Bogoria National Reserve can be visited throughout the year due to its breathtaking scenery. Most of the reserve consists of a large, algae-rich lake usually inhabited by big flocks of flamingos. Aside from birds, there is very little wildlife; Leopard tortoises are quite numerous. Mammals sometimes encountered are impaladik-dikzebraGrant’s gazelle and warthog. The park is also home to the last remaining Greater Kudu. In addition, 135 species of birds have been recoded there. Geysers and Hot springs are the most attractions for visitors which forms a natural spa.



Lake Bogoria can be accessed from Nairobi, 5 hours’ drive. There is only one road inside the park which runs along the lake offering beautiful view points.

Lake Bogoria National Reserve
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