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Buffalo springs National Reserve is located in Northern Kenya established in 1945 as part of Samburu-Isiolo game reserve. The reserve is separated with Samburu National in the south by Ewaso Nyiro river. The Reserve takes its name from an oasis found in its western region. The springs attract thirsty elephants and are full of big crocodiles, but it is the Ewaso Nyiro River, with its distinctive tall doum palms, that offers the main source of water and some great dry-season wildlife watching.


Wildlife in the Buffalo Springs National Reserve

Buffalo Springs offers good wildlife viewing of most big safari animals, and is particularly renowned for its excellent leopard sightings. Elephants are particularly abundant, and leopard sightings are very reliable. There are no rhinos, and lion sightings are a bit hit-and-miss, but it is the northern Kenya dry-country specials that attract many visitors. They include beisa oryx, lesser kudu, reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra and the odd looking gerenuk.



Buffalo Springs is located 355km drive from Nairobi. There are also scheduled local flights from Nairobi Wilson Airport to airstrips in Buffalo Springs or Samburu National Reserve.

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