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Borana is located at the foot of Mt Kenya just north of the equator, resting on the Laikipia Plateau. The Conservancy is nestled between an arid landscape to the north and ancient indigenous forests to the south. This 32,000-acre conservation area is home to both Black and White Rhino and a wide variety of other endangered species. Borana Wildlife Conservancy is a non-profit conservation organization dedicated to the sustainable conservation of wildlife, habitat and building local livelihoods.


Wildlife in the Borana Conservancy

Borana Conservancy is home to elephant, black rhino, lion, Jackson’s hartebeest, reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra and many other endangered species. Visitors during their holiday visit to Borana Wildlife Conservancy can stay at Barona Lodge located inside the Conservancy.



Borana Wildlife Conservancy is located 237km from Nairobi. Local Commercial or private charter flights from Nairobi Wilson Airport can be arranged Lewa Airstrip which is located just 50 minutes’ drive to Borana Conservancy.

Borana Wildlife Conservancy-
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